A DNS issue was discovered to be affecting the requests.theplexserver.com page. We updated the link on the 212Operations.com website to redirect it another way.

The DNS Issue got resolved on the primary ‘Requests.theplexserver.com’ as of 4:39 PM EST


We successfully moved over to the reoccurring system. If you login and see just a ‘SUSPENDED’ library it will indicate that you have not set up a reoccurring or one time access donation. Going to 212operations.com will provide you a link to set up the access request.



Changes are among us. After yesterdays terrible Fios outage that left us down for a few hours.. It gave me the chance to update and actually work on a recurring payment system for donations

As most of you know I dive greatly into my pockets to keep services up and running for all. I am no longer able to do this. I have set this as low as I can in hopes that some of you over donate from time to time but yes.. Donation Subscriptions are here…

15.00/Month. Sign up Quick to avoid any service interruptions. Currently right now its on PayPal only. I will work with people who do not wish to go via paypal however that would mean they would need to pay 3 Months at a time.